Dimitris Tsingos on Europe as a Peace Project

Please allow me to share a very personal story with you. It is about my father who passed away in February. At the age of 89, he had lived a long and meaningful life, having both given and received true love. There’s an angle of this story which I think may have some broader interest: …

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Jürgen Grossmann: Stay With Us!

There are little more than a hundred days left to convince the British that their future lies in Europe. That’s not very much time given all the negative factors. Public opinion seems to be leaning towards Brexit; only about 20 percent are still undecided. Both big parties are, at best, unenthusiastic about Europe. Labour is …

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Monica Tiberi’s Call for a Federal Europe

Europe is going through what is probably the worst crisis since the end of the Second World War. Huge challenges have arisen not only inside the European Union, but also at its borders. We now have the choice to stand up and rise to these challenges; otherwise I fear we will fail. We will fail …

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Roland Berger on the Split Dividing Europe

What does Europe stand for? We must think about that question. Europe has its origins in a commitment to peace and liberty. That has worked for nearly 70 years. But for the next generation, the main question will be whether and how Europe can continue to play a role in the world – economically, technically, …

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