February 14, 2017

Burkhard Schwenker: Set Priorities and Implement Them

Europe is threatened by disintegration. There are quite a number of people who don’t believe that the European Union will be able to rise to the challenges of Brexit, nationalist populism and America’s shift towards isolationism and protectionism. Professor Burkhard Schwenker, Senior Partner at Roland Berger and a member of United Europe, disagrees. In a an essay for our website – here’s the link to the full piece in German – , he argues that the European Union can successfully negotiate … – More

"Quick implementation requires priorities. There are two that are obvious for the European Union: growth and defence"

Burkhard Schwenker

June 13, 2017 - What others write

Judy Dempsey: France’s Rise and Britain’s Demise

While Britain’s prime minister ushers in the decline of London’s influence in the world, France’s president seeks reforms that will reassert Paris’s role in the EU. The contrast could not have been starker. After the first round of the parliamentary election in France on June 11, President Emmanuel Macron’s novice Republic on the Move party …

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June 21, 2017 - Young European Voices

Defending Europe: Conclusions of the YPS Amsterdam, June 2017

As the pace of change in politics and technology accelerates, Europe faces fundamental questions about its security, its identity and its prosperity. Some of our neighbours have turned against us; at the same time, our traditional alliances are becoming more uncertain. Terrorism does not only threaten our physical security, but also our freedom and our …

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