March 22, 2017

A New Vision for Europe

With the Rome Manifesto, a group of leading young European scholars and professionals supported by United Europe and Villa Vigoni has put forward an ambitious proposal for the renewal of the European project. The 18 authors presented their plan at the German embassy in Rome as part of the official celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Rome Treaties. They propose the founding of a European Federal Union based on more democratic and transparent institutions as well … – More

"We believe that it is our duty as the next generation to contribute to the shaping of our common destiny"

September 7, 2017 - What others write

Study: Germans more optimistic than other Europeans

The refugee crisis, Brexit, growing populism – recently there has been a spate of events and trends that have completely transformed the political landscape in Europe. But in Germany, these changes predominantly seem to be fostering the need for stability. A new “eupinions” study published by the Bertelsmann Stiftung shows that the Germans are much …

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August 27, 2017 - Young European Voices

An Alumni Debate on the Future of NATO and European Defence

For 70 years, NATO has helped protect Europe. Article 5, the alliance’s commitment to common defence, is still the most important insurance against possible aggression from the outside. Yet two key allies are sowing doubt about NATO’s cohesion and reliability – US President Donald Trump who has declared the organisation “obsolete”, and Turkey’s President Recep …

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