The EU After Brexit: A Study by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Despite Brexit, Trump and other crises, 60 percent of EU citizens wish for closer cooperation in Europe. In Germany, this figure even amounts to 80 percent. This is a conclusion of a representative eight-country study conducted by the organisation “policy matters” on behalf of the Friedrich–Ebert-Stiftung. “Citizens have moved far more ahead than we generally assume, and …

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Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: Never Waste a Good Crisis

It has often been said that Europe is an economic and financial giant, a political adolescent and a military pygmy. But does it have the luxury to remain that? Look at the challenges and threats we are facing: climate change, migration, terrorism, pandemics and failing states, to name just a few of them. There is …

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Don’t write off the EU

Something unprecedented is happening in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. It is not that all three countries face important elections in March, April–May, and September respectively. Nor is it that all three have spawned populist, anti-EU, and anti-Islamic movements (although much smaller in Germany than in the Netherlands and France). Nor is it that these movements have …

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Burkhard Schwenker: Set Priorities and Implement Them

Europe is threatened by disintegration. There are quite a number of people who don’t believe that the European Union will be able to rise to the challenges of Brexit, nationalist populism and America’s shift towards isolationism and protectionism. Professor Burkhard Schwenker, Senior Partner at Roland Berger and a member of United Europe, disagrees. In a …

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Mathias Döpfner: How to Counter Fake News

Don’t make laws against fake news. Don’t hold Facebook or Twitter accountable for the content posted by their users. Don’t punish them for false information. Finally, don’t believe that government subsidies are a good way to bolster news gathering and fact checking. Mathias Döpfner, Chairman and CEO of Axel Springer SE, one of Europe’s largest …

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Campaign Lessons: How We Walked into Disaster

By Antoinette Hage I first started campaigning for the Democrats Abroad in the UK in July 2015 as I knew that a Hillary Clinton presidential run was on the horizon. Since then I’ve been back and forth from the United States with the primary and presidential campaign teams in New Hampshire. I also joined Britain …

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First Alumni Dinner Debate in London

On December 6, Baroness Jay of Paddington and Dr. Jürgen Grossmann, members of the board of United Europe, will meet with our alumni and members in London for a dinner debate, moderated by Matt Frei from Channel Four. The topic of the evening is: “Continent Cut Off? What Follows from the Brexit Vote” As a matter of …

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Brexit boosts EU survey results

Since 2015, the Bertelsmann Stiftung has been using Europe-wide surveys to gauge the EU’s approval ratings. The latest results show that Brexit has succeeded where many EU politicians have failed – improving the Union’s popularity. Brexit has boosted the EU’s standing with the public. Since the referendum in which Britons voted against remaining in the …

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Antje Hermenau on the post-Brexit initiative ANGLO-SAX

The European Union is facing fundamental questions about its very existence and policies. Especially the former “Eastern bloc” is expressing serious doubts about the common currency or the migration politics of the EU. In Britain, voters opted for Brexit. Other European countries, for instance in Scandinavia, are also questioning the status quo. With the Anglo-Sax …

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Putting Europe on the Agenda: Conclusions from United Europe’s Brexit Debate

Given the dangerous uncertainty created by Brexit, the pro-European, non-profit initiative United Europe is calling on civil society as well as the business community to defend European integration. “Strengthening Europe cannot only be left to politicians. It is a civic duty,” said Peter Terium, CEO of the newly formed energy company innogy SE, at a …

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