From 5th to 6th April 2019, we had the pleasure to be hosted by the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), Engineering Department, of the University of Cambridge for our first Young Professionals Seminar this year.
For two days, 26 talented and inspiring young people from different European countries took part at United Europe’s Young Professionals Seminar “Human and Artificial Intelligence: How will we live and work in the future?“.
Led by Dr Thomas Bohné, Senior Research Associate at the IfM, they worked in different groups on the topics “Human monopoly: Which human abilities should not be augmented by technology?”, “Superhumans: How could intelligent exoskeletons assist manual labour?”, “Digital humans: How can digital twins improve human productivity?”, “Rational decisions: How can human decision making be supported in the digital sphere?”, and “Brain-computer interfaces: Should technology directly augment cognitive capacities?”.
The two intensive days were introduced by inspiring inputs by Thomas Bohné, Prof. Tim Minshall, Head of the IfM and inaugural Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation at the University of Cambridge, Dr Karina Vold, philosopher and political science of Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intellingence, Cambridge, the philosopher and SPD candidate for the European Parliamant, Korbinian Rüger, and the independent AI artist Jake Elwes, Oxford.

A detailed summary of the seminar is coming soon!

We thank Prof. Tim Minshall, Dr Thomas Bohné, their team and the IfM for hosting us and for the great support!