Tamar Svanidze

Tamar Svanidze, 30, journalist from Georgia and alumna of United Europe, about the importance of a united Europe:
“The concept of a united Europe, especially amid of increased support for authoritarian and Eurosceptic far-right parties, has never been more important than today. Why is unity so important to Europe? Despite the European Union’s need for radical reforms, unity is important to make Europe exist as a community of values. Europe seems more attractive, stronger and peaceful when it is united. Europe is boundless opportunities in the academic and professional sphere. A united Europe is a hope and role model for new democracies to achieve the same standards. For me, Europe is more than a geographical description of a continent or a cradle of civilization, but it is equal rights and opportunities for all who live to this continent, respect of personality, diversity, privacy, and all together work for building a better society to live in.”