Young Professionals in the splendid rooms of the Casa de America in Madrid

In order to face the challenges of globalisation and safeguard our liberty, peace and prosperity, we need to unite. This is attainable; Europe is not just a common market. We share a history, a culture, many fundamental political and ethical beliefs and an outlook on life. Yet in many of our countries, euro-skeptic movements are gaining ground. How can we convince Europe’s citizens of a united Europe?

“How to brand Europe” was the topic of United Europe’s most recent Young Professionals Seminar from May 29-31 in Madrid. After an intense debate, this group of 20 young Europeans from twelve different nations and a wide array of professions proposed a branding strategy for Europe that centers on defining our common identity and strengthening our feeling of belonging together. Here’s their three-step approach that includes an advertising campaign based on the slogan “Only in Europe”:

  1. Define Who We Are

We are Europe because:

  • we leave no one behind
  • we have a common cultural heritage
  • we are not one but many
  • we give equal opportunities to everyone
  • we safeguard democracy, peace, protection and the respect of our values

 2. Take Actions


Job creation and mobility

  • Foster apprenticeships and create an Erasmus programme for professionals
  • Set up deregulated innovation zones and centres of excellence
  • Find more funding to help create jobs
  • Use companies and their work force to promote exchange programmes

Bring cultural values to all European citizens

  • Improve the use of English as the European language
  • Create a European football team and a European TV station
  • Have European TV shows ( “Europe’s Master Chef” or a European Big Brother)
  • Use films to transport European values
  • Make sure that Europeans have fun together

Make our voice heard in Europe:

  • Elect a European President
  • Expect better leadership

Use communication channels effectively

  • Have a better and clearer message about Europe
  • Make better use of social media
  1. Find the best advertising slogans for “Only in Europe”

  • 28 countries. One union. You will never walk alone. Only in Europe.
  • Live in consensus with 28 countries. Only in Europe.
  • 28 for One. Only in Europe
  • Live in one country, be part of 28. Only in Europe.
  • One place together, plenty of opportunities. Only in Europe.,
  • Free speech in 28 countries. Only in Europe
  • Live in peace. Eat good cheese. With 28 nationalities. Only in Europe