Today’s cover story of the German daily business newspaper “Handelsblatt” introduces the article series “Europe can be better“, which is an initiative by United Europe and Handelsblatt.
The result is reform programme for the troubled Europa AG, which is unique in its kind – and which belongs in the specifications of the new EU Commission.
30 CEOs, medium-sized companies and start-up entrepreneurs for the first time reflect on the future of the continent.
No political soap-box speeches, but concrete recommendations for action and a vision with which Europe can stand up to the enemies of democracy and free trade. Because: “Hand on heart – no democracy in the world is perfect, but Europe’s democracy remains a beacon in a slowly darkening geopolitical world,” Wolfgang Schüssel, President of United Europe, writes in his foreword of the book which is  developed of the articles and will be published by Herder-Verlag on Monday.
On Monday also the article series starts with the essay of Bayer CEO Werner Baumann, “Europe needs a culture of chances“. All texts will be published on the United Europe website in German and English.

The Handels blattcover story can be read in German language here.