The “Uzutrakio Mansion” near Lithuania’s capital Vilnius

Our next CEO Roundtable takes place on 26th June in Užutrakis Manor Palace near Vilnius, Lithuania under the topic “Paradigm Shift: Redefining Alliances and Trade Relations“.

Faced with an existential crisis triggered by the near collapse of the periphery countries such as Greece, followed by Brexit and the rise of populism the European Union has been struggling to define its own ‘Union’ interest in dealing with foreign investors.There is a risk that as an open and liberal trading block, the EU is exposed to state-funded technology acquisition programmes that ultimately give competing powers an unfair advantage.
In this new age of ‘national interest’ becoming the central political theme, the time has come to define European Union’s ‘strategic interest, particularly in the area of infrastructure and high technology. It is essential to demonstrate that Europe is a sustainable long term economic and political project.

Speakers are Vygaudas Usackas, former Foreign Minister of Lithuania, Taavi Roivas, former Prime Minister of Estonia, Hubert Knirsch, Head of the Political department of the German Embassy in Moscow, Carl Haglund, former Minister of Defence, Finland, Andrius Kubilius, former Prime Minister of Lithuania, Dr Jorge Antas, Honory Consul, Portugal, Antonio Guglielmi, Mediobanca, Emanuele Diego Minnoti, CEO of Theorema Advisors, Jean Francois Cirelli, former COO of GDF, France, and Jürgen Großmann, United Europe, amongst others.

The discussion is held in English under Chatham House Rules in Užutrakis Manor Palace in Vilnius.