81399496 – paris, france – jun 26, 2017: french president emmanuel macron during a joint press conference with ukrainian president petro poroshenko at the elysee palace in paris

“The Board of Directors of the Society for the Conferring of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen have chosen to present the 2018 award to the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, in recognition of his vision of a new Europe and of the re-establishment of the European project, of a new European sovereignty and a close, restructured cooperation between peoples and nations. His passion for and commitment to Europe, his advocacy of cohesion and commonality, and his decisive stance against all forms of nationalism and isolationism set the right example, show the right way forward, and promote the right kind of contagious enthusiasm needed to overcome the European crisis. In the person of Emmanuel Macron, the Charlemagne Prize Society honours a courageous pioneer for the revitalisation of the European dream.
Through the award, the Charlemagne Prize Society also gives expression to the hope and desire of many European citizens that the proposals of the 2018 Charlemagne Prize laureate will inspire his European partners and contribute to a sustainable renewal of the European project.”
You can read the full statement here.