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Jean-François Cirelli

There are big changes underway in the world. Our business models, our jobs are being shaken up. To deal with these challenges, we will need more, not less, Europe. I think the entire business world is conscious of this. We all see Europe as the most important project today. There is no hope without Europe.

Still, there are more people than ever who believe differently. To them, the European project doesn’t seem very palatable anymore. Europe is in a deep crisis.

What can we do? A bit of growth would certainly help. We need a European policy that is more growth oriented. We need more freedom and less regulation for the economy.

Europe is still the largest economy in the world, thanks to its hardworking people. But the Europeans themselves don’t always see that it is their responsibility to continue improving people’s lives.

As a founding member of Europe, France needs to fully play its part. It should do more to reform its own economy and be a leader that really embraces European views.

United Europe is an organisation that can help bridge the gap of understanding between countries. It can also strengthen the Franco-German link that is so important for Europe. Together, we can build an ambitious European future.

Jean-François Cirelli