What an extraordinary amount of learning, thinking, debating and networking you can fit into 24 hours! On April 4 and 5, 2014, twenty-one young Europeans from different countries and different professions gathered in Amsterdam for a short, intensive seminar on Europe and the issue of skilled migration. They briefly admired the grand view over the canals of Amsterdam from the top floor meeting room at the Heineken Experience. And then, they set to work.

Skilled migration, in fact, has many aspects. The free movement of labour is enshrined in the EU treaties. Europe’s cititzens consider it one of the most important benefits of European integration to be able to move anywhere in the EU for work without having to seek permission. In the context of the Euro crisis, labour mobility has also helped reduce imbalances on the labour market which can no longer be addressed by currency fluctuations.

Here’s to the full report including contributions and findings from participants.