The Euro crisis has abated, but it is far from over. Sylvie Goulard, French member of the European Parliament and board member of United Europe, is calling for an initiative for a democratic constitution for the EU. In an opinion piece published in the German weekly Die Zeit, Goulard points to Germany’s special responsibility for this reform. She particularly appreciates proposals made by the Glienicke group, a gathering of German economists, lawyers and political scientists who are demanding democratic changes in Europe.

“Concrete democratic solutions should be offered in order to avoid the despair of a part of the population of the Euro-Zone,” Goulard, a French liberal, says in her piece.  “When dealing with the current crisis, they should have absolute priority over fears of a division of the EU. All the partner would be easier with a successful Euro zone than with one that is unstable.”

Sylvie Goulard in Die Zeit