Mario Monti: Can national politics still sustain European integration?

Integration is in crisis, and not just in Europe. We have come to the point where we have to ask a fundamental question: do Western democratic systems still have the vision and the energy to support political integration? Look at national debates, for instance over Scotland or Catalonia. Look at global issues, too, like trade. …

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Young Professionals Seminar: “Common Roots, Common Destiny”

United Europe’s 8th Young Professionals Seminar took place at the Villa Vigoni at Lake Como, Italy from September 23 to 25, 2016. For this workshop, we focussed on: Europe: Common Roots, Common Destiny? There is no doubt that as Europeans, we share long and deep roots. All of our countries are closely bound together through a 2000-year history of conquest, conflict and …

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Jens Spahn Explains His Generation’s View of Europe

I am part of a generation that truly lives Europe. It is normal for us to live, to study, to work in Helsinki, Barcelona, London, Paris, Warsaw, or Bucharest. For our generation, Europe simply is part of normality, of everyday life. Can you blame a generation for taking something for granted that, from birth, it …

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Jürgen Grossmann: Moment of truth for Germany and Britain

A British exit from the EU would be a desaster for Britain and Germany, and it would profoundly change the nature of the EU.  In this essay, Jürgen Grossmann, owner of the steel holding Georgsmarienhütte and treasurer of United Europe, pleads for cooperation between both countries to prevent any such step. He calls on today’s …

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Norbert Winkeljohann on What Europe Means

As a global economic powerhouse, Europe is facing constant challenges.  In particular, it is the demographic development, new technologies and financial crises as well as the globalised economy with new competitors which endanger the competitiveness of the European economies. Yet we also have incredible advantages in Europe. They arise from the diversity of our cultures …

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Jürgen Grossmann’s Plea for Europe

When you travel the world and you see how complicated it is, for instance, to cross the border between Canada and the United States, you realize how far Europe has come. In fact, the Europeanisation of day-to-day life has made much greater progress than the integration of the political and administrative structures. As citizens, we …

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