The Brussels Effect: How the EU rules the world!

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Online lecture with Anu Bradford, author of “The Brussels Effect”

When it comes to commerce, Europe leads, other follows. Companies adopt the European standard to their products to be able to trade with the European Union. Does that make the European Union a global superpower?

Anu Bradford, Author of “The Brussels Effect” ,  argues in her new book “The Brussels Effect” the EU remains an influential superpower that shapes the world in its image. Bradford demolishes myths about Europe’s declining international standing by showing how the European Union’s stringent regulations raise the standards of producers across the globe. “This may well be the single most important book on Europe’s influence to appear in a decade” according to the magazine “Foreign Policy”. “The Brussels Effect” shows how the EU has acquired such power, why multinational companies use EU standards as global standards, and why the EUs role as the world’s regulator is likely to outlive its gradual economic decline, extending the EU long into the future.

The online lecture will be moderated by Shirin Wheeler, Head of International and Social Media at the European Investment Bank (EIB). With a track record of more than 20 years in the BBC as an on air presenter/reporter, Shirin is passionate about facilitating the vital dialogue on the challenges that face us between politicians, institutions, the business world, NGOs, press and the public.

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December 17, 2020 19:30 - 20:30