United Europe is a pro-European organisation. We want to build a Europe that can ensure peace, liberty and prosperity for the next generation of Europeans. That is why we want Europe to remain competitive in the world – ideologically, politically and economically. We oppose the trends toward centralism and bureaucracy. Europe will only thrive if it respects the diversity of its peoples and cultures. Our goal is to improve the understanding among nations.

On the basis of these ideas, United Europe organises speeches, conferences, research projects and seminars. Of particular importance is the United Europe Lecture: Once or twice a year, a prominent non-European will be invited to speak about the challenges confronting Europe in the world. Another regular event is the Young Professionals Seminar where we invite outstanding young professionals from all over Europe to discuss topics that are essential to the future of Europe.

United Europe is a non-profit association set up in 2013 by prominent European business people, politicians and analysts. It was initiated by Wolfgang Schüssel, the former Austrian chancellor who as president now heads the organization, and Jürgen Grossmann, a German entrepreneur, who serves as treasurer.

We are not a lobby, and we do not represent any political or business special interests. We do not seek grants from public authorities; we are financed exclusively through membership fees and private donations. Among the members and supporters of United Europe are corporations including Daimler, Iberdrola, voestalpine and PricewaterhouseCoopers