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United Europe is committed to building a Europe that can ensure peace, prosperity and freedom for the next generation. In order to shape this future, young Europeans need to be able to make their voices heard. As part of this commitment, United Europe publishes the viewpoints of participants of its Young Professionals Seminars on these pages. These texts can be on any European topic and intend to spark discussions.

We invite all our website visitors to comment on the published texts or to contact us if you would like to discuss a specific issue in more detail.

Alumni Meeting in Helsinki: What a Year for Europe

Meeting for the first time in Helsinki, United Europe’s alumni and friends spent a fascinating evening debating Europe’s future in a year marked by so many national elections. With Emmanuel Macron leading the polls into the second round of elections in France, the group compared his young, visionary and positive message to the politics of …

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Jakob Dalby: Terrorism, Freedom and Security

The terrorist attacks of the last 15 years, from 9/11 to the killings at a Berlin Christmas market last December, have caused governments to greatly expand their security measures. Ever stricter anti-terrorism legislation was passed not just in the United States, but also in Germany and Europe. Dr. Jakob Dalby, a lawyer from Hamburg, believes …

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Vienna Alumni Discuss Populism

It was the day of the Dutch elections when United Europe’s Alumni and friends met in Vienna for the first time. Naturally, the debate focused on all the elections planned in Europe for 2017: Netherlands, France and Germany, with Italy and the UK potentially adding to the mix. The rise of populism worried the young …

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Campaign Lessons: How We Walked into Disaster

By Antoinette Hage I first started campaigning for the Democrats Abroad in the UK in July 2015 as I knew that a Hillary Clinton presidential run was on the horizon. Since then I’ve been back and forth from the United States with the primary and presidential campaign teams in New Hampshire. I also joined Britain …

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Caspar Schauseil: Why Diversity Matters

Today’s public debate on the EU refugee crisis is characterised by unfounded fears. Without any base in statistics or historic developments, Europeans appear to be afraid of cultural dilution, of Islam and of financial insecurity. The reason for this is straight-forward: in an era of technological change, jobs are less secure than ever. Many established …

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Bringing Europe Back Together

Conclusions of United Europe’s 8th Young Professionals Seminar from September 23 to 25, 2016, at Lake Como Europe is in deep crisis. Faced with the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, the EU’s remaining 27 member states have no common vision on how to take the European project forward. The euro crisis has soured relations …

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How Dutch Politics Are Becoming Populist

When it comes to immigrant integration policies, the Netherlands is a country of extremes. Until the late 1970s, the general belief was that immigrants would stay only temporarily. The only exception were the “repatriates” who had arrived from Indonesia after its independence. Therefore, an integration policy was not deemed necessary. In the 1980s, when it …

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Brexit negotiations – Finding a workable compromise

  By Philipp Schröder When in July 2016 Theresa May took office as Prime Minister, she assured the world that “Brexit means Brexit” and said she was determined to “make Brexit a success for Britain”.  Whether she can achieve this ambitious goal will largely depend on the kind of trade relationship her government can secure …

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Europe after the Brexit Vote

By Philipp Schröder The Brexit Shock or: Is the EU Falling Apart? The news in the early morning hours of June 24th 2016 came as a shock, when the BBC announced that the “Leave” campaign had an unassailable lead. The outcome was not quite unexpected. Numerous polls in the run up to the EU referendum …

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Berlin Alumni discuss Brexit

At our latest alumni gathering in Berlin on July 6th, we met with young professionals and friends to discuss Brexit, referendums in general, the wide-spread lack of belief in the European project, and how to reconnect Europe to its citizens. With individuals from six countries around the table, Europe was very much alive in the …

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