The Alumni Network

United Europe has created a Young Professional Alumni Network to allow all participants to stay in touch, continue to discuss European affairs and exchange views from all over the continent.

Some of our activities include

  • Discussion evenings run by Young Professionals in your city, on a European topic that you have chosen, supported by United Europe
  • Podium discussions supported by Young Professionals and United Europe, taking place in your city on a European topic that you have chosen.
  • Alumni conferences: Once a year, United Europe will organize an Alumni conference inviting guest speakers as well as all Young Professional attendees so far.

If you’re keen to get involved in any of the above or want to discuss further ideas, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and to shaping Europe’s future with you.

Santa Claus Alumni Meeting in Berlin

After an eventful and turbulent year, we cordially invite our alumni to a cosy Santa Claus evening on 4th December at 19.00 hrs in Berlin. Julia Reuss and Sabine Sasse will introduce themselves as United Europe’s new Managing Directors and discuss future United Europe projects. Please feel free to bring friends or interested colleagues. For …

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Alumni-Meeting in Helsinki: How to Tell the EU’s Story

Developing a more effective narrative for Europe. “How to tell the EU’s story” was the topic of an alumni meeting in Helsinki on October 24. This second meeting in Helsinki was hosted by United Europe’s alumnus Mika Ruokonen, Head of Digital Transformation at Futurice, one of the most innovative digital consultancy companies in Finland. Futurice …

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An Alumni Debate on the Future of NATO and European Defence

For 70 years, NATO has helped protect Europe. Article 5, the alliance’s commitment to common defence, is still the most important insurance against possible aggression from the outside. Yet two key allies are sowing doubt about NATO’s cohesion and reliability – US President Donald Trump who has declared the organisation “obsolete”, and Turkey’s President Recep …

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Alumni Meeting in Helsinki: What a Year for Europe

Meeting for the first time in Helsinki, United Europe’s alumni and friends spent a fascinating evening debating Europe’s future in a year marked by so many national elections. With Emmanuel Macron leading the polls into the second round of elections in France, the group compared his young, visionary and positive message to the politics of …

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Vienna Alumni Discuss Populism

It was the day of the Dutch elections when United Europe’s Alumni and friends met in Vienna for the first time. Naturally, the debate focused on all the elections planned in Europe for 2017: Netherlands, France and Germany, with Italy and the UK potentially adding to the mix. The rise of populism worried the young …

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“A Devilish Readiness to Risk Everything”

Too much anger and little good news: 2016 will go down as a bad year for Europe and the world. At a meeting of United Europe’s members and alumni in London in early December, pessimism shaded the debate. Both the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election victory in the United States are casting long shadows …

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Berlin Alumni discuss Brexit

At our latest alumni gathering in Berlin on July 6th, we met with young professionals and friends to discuss Brexit, referendums in general, the wide-spread lack of belief in the European project, and how to reconnect Europe to its citizens. With individuals from six countries around the table, Europe was very much alive in the …

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July Alumni Evening in Berlin

Our second Young Professional alumni evening will take place in Berlin on July 6, 2016. Meeting just a few days after the outcome of the British referendum the discussion will no doubt focus on Brexit and its consequences for Europe and Britain. Our alumni evenings are organised by our alumni themselves and we are looking forward to yet …

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Europe and the Refugees: Brace for Difficult Years

It was just a quirk of timing that United Europe’s first Alumni evening took place on the very same night that saw European leaders gather for yet another EU summit in Brussels. It was much less of a coincidence that both meetings focused on the refugee crisis. The arrival of millions of refugees and migrants …

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Alumni Evening – Refugee Policy in Europe

Our first Young Professional alumni evening took place in Berlin on March 7, 2016. We met to discuss “Refugee Policy in Europe”. As speaker, Dr. Christian Ehler, Member of the European Parliament for Brandenburg, joined us. Christian Ehler was a journalist and an entrepreneur before entering politics full-time as a member of Germany’s Christian Democratic …

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