Today, it is with great concern that we see anti-European populism flourishing and the divides within Europe deepening. We say: this is the time to stand up for Europe. We want a Europe that can defend its common interests and values with strength and confidence.

  • United Europe’s most important goal is to win the younger generation over to our idea of a united, competitive and diverse Europe. This is why we consider the Young Professionals Seminars to be our flagship project. Three times a year, we invite 20 to 25 outstanding young Europeans to a weekend seminar to discuss European topics of a particular relevance to the next generation.
  • An outside perspective often provides a much clearer view of what truly matters. For our United Europe Lectures, we invite prominent politicians and business leaders from outside Europe to give us their view of the challenges faced by Europe.
  • Europe’s future is shaped by today’s decisions. In the format of our CEO Roundtables, select groups of business leaders discuss issues that are relevant to the future of their companies with high-ranking European politicians and experts. As a confidential forum of exchange, the CEO Roundtables are designed as an exchange of ideas and arguments that will help leaders take informed decisions.
  • To encourage public debate and provide fresh insight, we commission United Europe Studies on issues that are particularly important for Europe’s cohesion and competitiveness. The studies are drawn up by renowned think tanks and experts and presented by United Europe in cooperation with other institutions.

United Europe does not represent any political or business special interests. We do not seek grants from public authorities; we are a non-profit association financed exclusively through membership fees and donations.