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Constitution of the United Europe Board

Europe is our home. We want to build a Europe that can ensure peace, liberty and prosperity for the next generation of Europeans. That is why we want Europe to remain competitive in the world – ideologically, politically and economically.

Since the beginning of the financial and economic crisis, Europe has been beset by two deeply worrying trends: While confidence in the European Union has dwindled, there has been a revival of national egoism and resentments. At the same time, ever more people are losing trust in the effectiveness and fairness of the market and calling for a greater role for the state.

We, a group of business people, politicians and analysts, are coming together to work against these trends. We are pro-European because we are convinced that in this age of globalisation, Europe needs to stand together. We need Europe to safeguard our liberal and democratic order. But we do not want a Europe that will smother individual liberties, national identities and economic development through bureaucracy and overregulation. The Europe we strive for appreciates that the diversity of its peoples and cultures are a source of strength.

United Europe’s most important goal is to strengthen Europe’s credibility. To foster the understanding among nations, it is essential that we win the younger generation over to our idea of a united, competitive and diverse Europe. We will also be looking at perspectives from outside Europe because they can sharpen our perception of what really matters.

Over the next few years, Europe’s credibility will be tested on two fundamental issues: whether we can foster a common European identity, and whether we can transform Europe and the Euro back into an engine for growth. United Europe will intensively pursue these two issues through lectures, workshops and conferences as well as in cooperation with think tanks from different EU countries.

We are not a lobby, and we do not represent any political or business special interests. United Europe is a small and lean organization focused on developing convincing project ideas, organizing the cooperation of entrepreneurs, politicians and think tanks, and condensing and publicizing the resulting suggestions. When selecting projects, we will look for added value to be gained through an entrepreneurial perspective. United Europe is needed because it is time for the Europeans to take a stand against anti-Europeanism – not to defend the status quo, but to build a common home for all Europeans.