Rome Manifesto

Alumni Meeting in Helsinki: What a Year for Europe

Meeting for the first time in Helsinki, United Europe’s alumni and friends spent a fascinating evening debating Europe’s future in a year marked by so many national elections. With Emmanuel Macron leading the polls into the second round of elections in France, the group compared his young, visionary and positive message to the politics of …

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A New Vision for Europe

With the Rome Manifesto, a group of leading young European scholars and professionals supported by United Europe and Villa Vigoni has put forward an ambitious proposal for the renewal of the European project. The 18 authors presented their plan at the German embassy in Rome as part of the official celebrations for the 60th anniversary …

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Dimitris Tsingos on Europe as a Peace Project

Please allow me to share a very personal story with you. It is about my father who passed away in February. At the age of 89, he had lived a long and meaningful life, having both given and received true love. There’s an angle of this story which I think may have some broader interest: …

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