Next Alumni Evening in Helsinki: How to Tell the EU’s Story

Adding to United Europe’s alumni activities, we are delighted to hold our second alumni evening in Helsinki on October 24. Many thanks to Mika Ruokonen for his initiative! He will be hosting the event at the Futurice offices on Annankatu, Helsinki As speaker, we are delighted to welcome Eeva Raita who is Senior Service Designer at …

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Olaf Scholz and Kai Diekmann on Populism

Why is populism spreading across the societies of Europe, the United States and Japan? To start off the opening debate of United Europe’s Young professional Seminar on “The Populist Challenge” from 6 to 8 October in Hamburg, Olaf Scholz pointed to countries like Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands or Germany that have few welfare, economic or …

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Bianca Achatz: What Populists Leaders Have in Common

The Young Professionals Seminar in October 2017 in Hamburg focussed on “The Populist Challenge“ in Europe, and I was fortunate to discuss this important topic with so many engaged and enthusiastic follow Europeans. The focus for my contribution to this seminar was to analyse contemporary populists and their common traits. The first thing to do …

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The Populist Challenge: Conclusions of the YPS Hamburg

In Europe, populist movements are attracting a growing number of voters with messages that are simplistic and nationalist. These parties do not offer sustainable solutions; instead, they stir up resentment against political institutions – including the European Union – and people with different backgrounds and beliefs. This endangers the understanding among nations. United Europe focussed …

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Young Professionals Seminar: “The Populist Challenge”

United Europe’s 11th Young Professionals Seminar will take place in Hamburg from October 6 to 8, 2017. For this workshop, we will focus on: The Populist Challenge With the Hamburg seminar, we will focus on the populist challenge facing Europe. Everywhere in Europe, populists have been gaining ground with an agenda directed not just against globalisation, …

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New Managing Directors at United Europe

This autumn brings some changes in the management team of United Europe. After more than four years with the association, Bettina Vestring will leave United Europe at the end of October to concentrate on her journalistic work. Jenny Paul, who is engaged in pro-European student movements across Europe, has left at the end of August …

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Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: Never Waste a Good Crisis

It has often been said that Europe is an economic and financial giant, a political adolescent and a military pygmy. But does it have the luxury to remain that? Look at the challenges and threats we are facing: climate change, migration, terrorism, pandemics and failing states, to name just a few of them. There is …

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Why Sylvie Goulard is Optimistic About Europe

Look at Europe: we are beset by populist troubles and a severe financial, economic and social crisis. Migration and terrorism represent huge challenges. In many countries, our democracy is not in good shape. But also look at what we have achieved: we have free education, proper health care, a sense of solidarity in our societies …

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Julia Reuss on France’s Next President

France is a deeply divided and disaffected country. Emmanuel Macron, a pro-European liberal, and Marine Le Pen, a Nationalist and Protectionist, represent fundamentally different choices. Yet both owe their success to a break with France’s political establishment. Dr. Julia Reuss, a young German who has beein living in Paris since 2013, is deeply worried about …

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Developing a European Identity

Conclusions of United Europe’s Young Professionals Seminar in Aix, March 31 – April 2, 2017 As the pro-European demonstrations in more than 60 European cities this spring show, Europeans are increasingly willing to stand up for their future together. Faced with the rise of populist movements and authoritarian leaders in Europe and beyond, they are …

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