Tim Radmacher: Europe Starts on the Doorstep

Trump, Erdoğan, North Korea, Brexit, Le Pen. There is no need for any further words to outline why Europe has been shaken out of a deep slumber. But while the world is currently going through a difficult political situation, we Europeans now have the chance to reposition and reinvigorate ourselves, to commit ourselves to Europe. …

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Developing a European Identity

Conclusions of United Europe’s Young Professionals Seminar in Aix, March 31 – April 2, 2017 As the pro-European demonstrations in more than 60 European cities this spring show, Europeans are increasingly willing to stand up for their future together. Faced with the rise of populist movements and authoritarian leaders in Europe and beyond, they are …

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The Rome Manifesto: Proposals by the Next Generation

This spring, the European Union is celebrating its birthday. 60 years ago, on March 25, 1957, the six founding nations signed the Treaty of Rome. In the run-up to the anniversary celebrations, United Europe is working on a particularly important project: together with the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence Villa Vigoni, we have selected a …

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Putting Europe on the Agenda: Conclusions from United Europe’s Brexit Debate

Given the dangerous uncertainty created by Brexit, the pro-European, non-profit initiative United Europe is calling on civil society as well as the business community to defend European integration. “Strengthening Europe cannot only be left to politicians. It is a civic duty,” said Peter Terium, CEO of the newly formed energy company innogy SE, at a …

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“Only in Europe” : A Young Professionals’ Proposal on Branding Europe

In order to face the challenges of globalisation and safeguard our liberty, peace and prosperity, we need to unite. This is attainable; Europe is not just a common market. We share a history, a culture, many fundamental political and ethical beliefs and an outlook on life. Yet in many of our countries, euro-skeptic movements are …

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Domenico Siniscalco’s Fundamental Questions on Europe

Seven years into the euro crisis, economic divergence within Europe and the Eurozone is increasing. Bailout fatigue reigns in the North, austerity fatigue in the South. As a consequence, we are coming to the point where some fundamental questions about Europe need to be answered. Some people believe that the Eurozone has no future because …

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