Coming Out of the Euro Crisis: A Viewpoint From Spain

Drawing on his expertise on financial markets, Fernando Primo de Rivera in this contribution for United Europe gives a very interesting view of the euro crisis. Thanks to the structural reforms it was forced into, Spain is coming out of the crisis much stronger than it was before. The year 2017 offers Europe a unique …

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Walter Schlebusch: Why the euro is good for Europe

Generations of Europeans have worked hard and long to unite our continent. We mustn’t gamble away today what they have achieved over decades. We should explain to people why we need the European Union. As individual nations, we risk to be ground between the future great powers – China, India, Russia, the United States. Also, our …

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“The Future of the Euro”: First Alumni Evening in Munich

Dr. Walter Schlebusch, CEO of Giesecke & Devrient and member of the board of United Europe, is hosting a discussion evening with United Europe’s alumni and younger members on the topic of “The Future of the Euro”   What:  A United Europe debate Host:  Dr. Walter Schlebusch, Giesecke & Devrient When:  Tuesday November 8, 2016, …

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United Europe’s Board on the Brexit Vote

Dear members and supporters, Brexit is a dangerous setback for Europe. Over the coming months and years, British voters will painfully find out what their “No” to EU membership will cost them politically, economically and culturally. The remaining European Union will also suffer in terms of economic growth, political cohesion and international standing. At United …

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Sylvie Goulard on Europe’s Crisis

This is by far the most serious situation that the European Union has ever experienced. It is under pressure from several crises at the same time – crises so large and important that having to deal with just one of them would be bad enough. We are now paying the price of non-action: Non-action over …

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How Euro Area Deepening Can Reduce the Risk of Brexit

A report by Daniela Schwarzer BERLIN—While British Prime Minister David Cameron is travelling Europe from The Hague to Paris, from Warsaw to Berlin to kick off negotiations on Britain’s relationship with the EU, German and French political leaders are working behind the scenes on how to deepen the euro area. In a recently leaked joint letter addressed …

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Economics: Greek problems could foster economic blueprint for eurozone

  The Greek financial crisis has been a missed opportunity for eurosceptic parties to put forward new ideas for the European Union. They have achieved nothing since sweep- ing gains in the 2014 elections. But the Greek crisis could still be used by the EU to formulate a new way of dealing with countries in …

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Cheap oil and weak euro could drive Europe’s growth

  The European Central Bank seems focussed on showering commercial banks with new money. But Quantitative Easing will not fix all the problems over the next 18 months. These are rooted in a lack of structural reform and growth. Eurozone prices have dropped 0.6 per cent in the last 12 months and signs are that …

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Weaker euro could provide European business with an edge

  Nobody knows where or when the euro will stabilise in value against stronger world currencies like the American dollar. But there are advantages for European-based businesses which export to America and Asia. Depreciation of the euro against other currencies provides them with a distinct competitive advantage to increase employment, but skill, motivation and initiative will …

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Balkenende: Europe Needs a Winning Mentality

Europe’s history consists of Michelangelo and Montesquieu. But it also holds the guillotine and the gas chambers. The beautiful and the dark pages, they both bind us together. Europe isn’t just about markets and money. People need to know about the history of World War II and the division of our continent between East and …

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