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Mario Monti: Can national politics still sustain European integration?

Integration is in crisis, and not just in Europe. We have come to the point where we have to ask a fundamental question: do Western democratic systems still have the vision and the energy to support political integration? Look at national debates, for instance over Scotland or Catalonia. Look at global issues, too, like trade. …

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The United Kingdom/The European Union: a clarified relationship or a fool’s bargain?

By Sylvie Goulard The United Kingdom’s (UK) geopolitical weight, its economic and financial power, as well as its commitment to democracy and an open economy justifies significant efforts being made to ensure that the country remains a member of the European Union. However the United Kingdom’s future relationship with the European Union concerns all the …

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How the UK Discusses Brexit: Personal observations from a German resident in the UK

By Philipp Schröder Since David Cameron negotiated his deal with EU leaders about a reformed EU (“Britain has now the best of two worlds”) and set the EU referendum for the 23 June 2016, the Brexit discussion has been a dominating topic in the political scene in Britain and Europe. As a long-term UK resident …

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Jürgen Grossmann: Stay With Us!

There are little more than a hundred days left to convince the British that their future lies in Europe. That’s not very much time given all the negative factors. Public opinion seems to be leaning towards Brexit; only about 20 percent are still undecided. Both big parties are, at best, unenthusiastic about Europe. Labour is …

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