Young Professionals Seminar: “How to Keep Europe Together”

United Europe will hold a Young Professionals Seminar in London from March 3 to 5, 2016. For this workshop, we plan to focus on:

How to Keep Europe Together

18341386On June 23rd, British voters will decide whether their country should remain a member of the European Union or not. According to current polls, pro-Europeans and eurosceptics seem to be evenly split, making for hotly contested campaign and much uncertainty. Yet the ramifications of this vote will be enormous, both for Britain and the rest of Europe.

Where United Europe stands on this issue is fairly self-evident – just look at our name. As we strongly believe in debate, we have chosen London as the place for our first Young Professionals Seminar in 2016.With the topic “How to Keep Europe Together”, we will, of course, be looking at the Brexit debate. But we also want to look beyond Britain to discuss the nationalist and Eurosceptic movements that are on the rise nearly everywhere in Europe.

Keeping Europe together isn’t just about politics either. It means that we should look at what unites and what divides us, including the economic and social factors that are threatening to pull Europe apart. We will have around 20 young professionals from all parts of Europe taking place in our seminar to debate these an other issues.

Our sponsors for this seminar are Hanover Acceptances and Morgan Stanley – many thanks to their generosity. On the first day (March 3), our Young Professionals Seminar will be hosted by Morgan Stanley in Canary Wharf. On the second day (March 4), we will be meeting at the House of Lords in Westminster. We owe this honour to Baroness Jay of Paddington, a board member of United Europe, who will be mentoring our seminar in London. Our schedule will include a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament.

The most important part of the seminar are the contributions made by the participants themselves. Each young professional will be asked to prepare a five-minute presentation reflecting his or her own personal and professional experiences and convictions.

These are some of the issues that might be discussed at our seminar:

  • Looking at the Brexit debate: why is Britain so divided over Europe? What are the probable consequences of the referendum? What is the impact on the rest of Europe?
  • Is the British debate unique or does it reflect a wider disenchantment with European integration? Eurosceptic movements in Northern Europe tend to lean towards the political right; in the south they are more likely to be leftist. Why? What is the political rationale behind them?
  • Anti-European movements are often supported by people who feel that they are losing out – from globalisation, from Europe, from economic change, from immigration. What can we do to address the very real issue of rising inequality? How will Europe cope with the influx of refugees?
  • What vision can bring Europeans back together? What arguments can convince us that we have a common destiny? What role should politics, business and citizens play in achieving this destiny?
Lord Mandelson

Lord Mandelson

Every Young Professionals Seminar is opened by a prominent guest speaker. At our London Seminar, we are delighted to welcome Lord Peter Mandelson, a leading Labour politician, former British cabinet member and former EU Commissioner.

To get a better idea of this event, please also have a look at the report about our earlier Young Professionals Seminars – please have a look at the August 2015 seminar in Helsinki. United Europe will ask its members to help suggest suitable candidates.

Participants registration details (password protected)

Our sponsors:

HanHanover_356over Acceptances forms the centre of an international private investment group whose origins date back to 1902 and is headquartered in London.  The principal sectors of focus are: real estate, soft drink manufacture, agribusiness and venture capital.  Core operating companies include Dorrington, Refresco Gerber and African Realty Trust, all of which are leaders in their respective markets.  Fresh Capital Group is the venture capital vehicle which invests in high growth areas.

The group’s strategy focuses on maintaining leadership in its core businesses, taking advantage of opportunities for further investment, and acquiring and investing in new businesses, tangential to its core, for long term stakeholder returns.  The group’s interests cover a number of geographies including: the UK, continental Europe and South Africa.


all-blackMorgan Stanley is a preeminent global financial services firm that maintains leading market positions in each of its businesses – Securities, Investment Management and Wealth Management Services. The company combines leadership in investment banking (including underwriting public offerings of securities and mergers and acquisitions advice) and institutional sales and trading, with strengths in global asset and wealth management.

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