Young Professionals Seminar: “Developing a European Identity”

United Europe’s 9th Young Professionals Seminar took place in Aix-en-Provence from March 31 to April 2, 2017. For this workshop, we focussed on:

Developing a European Identity

cathedral cloister in aix-en-provence, southern france Foto: meinzahn / 123RF Lizenzfreie Bilder

Cathedral cloister in Aix en Provence

In Aix, we focussed on bringing Europe’s people closer together through a shared sense of European identity. What makes us love Europe? What puts us off? We will be looking at the reasons why Britain decided to leave the EU, and why anti-European populism is also spreading elsewhere. In the meantime, even some committed Europeans have become highly skeptical about EU institutions.

What does Europe need to do to win back the hearts and minds of its citizens? Here, we  discussed policies and personalities as well as institutional reform. Most importantly, the EU needs to ensure that its people enjoy the full benefit of integration: economic growth, free movement of people and the single market. “We are losing the citizens because daily life is a list of experiences where Europe doesn’t work,” said Sylvie Goulard, Vice-President of United Europe.

For more detail on what was discussed and what conclusions the participants drew after two intense days of discussion, please take a look at the reports of our previous Young Professionals Seminars.  If you are interested in participating in events like this, please contact us on

Participant pages (password protected)

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