Young Professionals Seminar: “Defending Europe”

United Europe’s 10th Young Professionals Seminar will take place in Amsterdam from June 2 to 4, 2017. For this workshop, we will focus on:

Defending Europe

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Amsterdam seen from the sky

With the Amsterdam seminar, we propose to focus on what makes Europe such a unique place in the world: our freedom, our democracy, our way of life and the diversity of our continent. Yet we are facing enormous challenges ranging from an unfavourable demography and rising inequality to the daunting task of integrating millions of recent immigrants.

Hostile neighbours and terrorism have become a threat to our safety as well as to our values. Our most important partner in the world, the United States, is now led by a president who has little interest in supporting European intergration and multilateral cooperation. How can we deal with this? What role for the European Union?

Our opening speaker in Amsterdam will be Professor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary General of NATO and Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, who now teaches international relations at Leiden University.

To get a better idea of this event, please have a look at the reports of our previous Young Professionals Seminars.  If you are interested in participating in events like this, please contact us on

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