The Chinese Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)

The Chinese Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) for the development of infrastructure along the Silk Road(s) and beyond on all continents is one of the great challenges of our time. Europe has little to counteract this, although it is directly challenged by the so-called 16 + 1 summits between China and 11 EU Member States and the countries of the Western Balkans.
United Europe e. V. has joined the new THINK initiative to help formulate a European response. THINK, born in Vienna, has set itself the goal of developing an effective and overall social strategy for Europe and its neighbourhood. Stakeholders from business, government, civil society and research should be involved.
The commitment of THINK and United Europe, however, goes beyond the search for a European response to the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative.

China is an important and sometimes decisive market for many German companies. A market that is anything but open and transparent. China is trying to soften norms and standards or replace them with its own rules in order to transform the world according to its will.
In order to be able to meet China on an equal footing, a discussion of the whole of society in Europe is necessary. We want to initiate this together with you, based on regular discussion forums, working groups and the online THINK platform for collaborative information exchange. Regular discussion forums (“Round Tables”) are already held in Austria, Slovenia, Poland and Serbia.

The event takes place on:
Tuesday, 6th March, 2018
18:00 – 20:00 h
in the premises of EY Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Friedrichstraße 140
10117 Berlin

Attendance is by invitation only.

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